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Shop Information

Shop Information

Traditional Japanese restaurant

Kodaiji Doi

We welcome you with Japnaese hospitality on the basis of tea celemony manner

The building was built in traditional tea-ceremony arbor style by a master crafts man.

You can enjoy Kyo Kaiseki in the Japanese Tatami rooms, rooms with a panoramic view of beautiful Kyoto city, and many more traditional style private rooms.

We also have a restaurant you can enjoy our bento box lunch.

We do not have a regular menu. It is because we would like our customer to enjoy what’s best for the day or the season. So please look forward to our special menu for the day.

Premium Kyo Kaiseki Lunch and Dinner at 21,000yen (Service fee and tax included)

Enjoy the premium course with 8 to 10 dishes that filled with fresh seasonal ingredients in a private room. Please let us know your request or preference, we are happy to considerate your requests.

Lunch Bento box 6,000yen (Service fee and tax included)

You can enjoy our Bento box lunch at our restaurant. We offer Sashimi, Japanese traditional soup, and many other menus beside bento box.


Name Kodaiji Doi
Address 353 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-561-0309
Business hour 12:00~21:00
Regular holiday