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Shop Information

Original incense and incense pot Shop


Niimi Original incense and incense pot Shop

We offer in-house produced incense, incense pot, perfume, and sachet.
We can propose many different ways to create a fulfilling life with relaxing scent. Please visit our shop when you come to Ninen-zaka.

Our staff members are happy to help you finding your favorite scent that will make a nice gate away from busy everyday life. Please ask for assistance.

Sanshisuimei Kamo no seseragi

Sanshisuimei means a place of beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers. This incense gives an impression of Kamogawa river stream.

Miyabito Suikou Wakamurasaki

Wakamurasaki is one of the female main characters in Tale of Genji. This perfume represents the world of imperial elegancy. Mix of sweetness and sour scent of white apricot and sandalwood tree.

Sachet Kisshoten/sakura

Originally produced sachet with a scent of slight sweetness is representing a beautiful and wise goddess.


Name Niimi
Address 351-4 Masuya-chou Shimogawara-higashiiru Koudaiji-minamimondoori Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number TEL:075-551-2265 FAX:075-525-2130
Business hour 10:00~18:00
Regular holiday Open 7days