Shop Information

Shop Information

Shop Information

Specialty shop of Kyoto crafts


Kyoto crafts shop

Our shop is filled with beautiful and colorful Kyoto crafts such as decollated sensu folding fan, and Kanzashi traditional ornament hair stick, and vegetation dyeing bag that pleased everyone’ eyes.
Store manager carefully selected Kyoto crafts that are traditional goods and contemporary goods. It is not only suitable for souvenir but also a gift for yourself as well.

Our goal is to make our shop to please everyone’s eyes by collecting “Cute”, “Beautiful” and “stylish” goods that would be a great souvenir and also a gift for yourself.


Folding fan

Fabric crepe coin case


Name Asahitei
Address Ninenzakashita Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number 075-561-7553
Business hour 10:00~18:00
Regular holiday Holiday not fixed