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Shop Information

Shop Information

Soba noodle, Dango sweet dumpling, Udon noodle and etc


Please come by for a light meal.

We are located just down Ninen-zaka. It is small but cozy restaurant. Please come by and enjoy the light meal.

Cooked herring fillet over Soba noodle

Cooked herring fillet goes very well with Kyoto style soba noodle soup

Chasoba tea buckwheat noodle

Green tea powder is mixed in the buckwheat flour. Enjoy cold in the summer or hot in the winter.

Yomogi soba, Japanese mugwort noodle

Seasonal special. Enjoy chewy texture noodle in cold.


Name Futaba
Address 351 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number 075-541-3843
Business hour 10:00~17:00
Regular holiday