Shop Information

Shop Information

Shop Information

Kyoto souvenir, pottery and Japanese crafts, shop


A quaint yet modern Japanese crafts

Our shop opened only three years ago. Compared to other shops on Ninen-zaka, it is relatively a new shop. However, our selections of potteries and Japanese crafts for daily use are wide and reasonably priced. They are perfect for souvenirs from Kyoto.

Kiyomizu yaki cup

Ume, sakura, and autumn leaves are hand written on the cup. How to use is up to you!

Fortune bowl

They are handmade bowls using traditional technique that are made with a wish of good fortune and happiness to come.

Kyomakura, pillow

Pillow filled with sobagara, buck wheat husks, and high grade binchotan charcoal.


Name Fukiya
Address 363 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-532-1033
Business hour 11:00~18:00
Regular holiday