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Shop Information

Shop Information

Bamboo crafts shop

Kanda Bamboo crafts shop

We are third generation bamboo shop

We are third generation bamboo shop that selling and producing various kinds of bamboo crafts such as flower basket, chop sticks, and ear cleaner. We also offer other souvenirs of Kyoto as well.   

Chop sticks with sharp tip are very easy to use and so the ear cleaners as well. They all are handmade at the shop.

Super thin chopsticks 3,240 yen (Incl tax) ~

Supreme ear cleaner  1,300 yen (Incl tax) ~

Bamboo magnet 380 yen (Incl tax) ~


Name Kanda Bamboo crafts shop
Address 349 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number TEL/FAX 075-561-7686
Business hour 9:30〜18:30
Regular holiday Open 7days