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Shop Information

Black beans sweet shop


Japanese sweets using Kuromame, black beans of Tanba Kyoto.

Tanba back beans are famous for its size that they are the biggest beans in Japan.

We offer various kind of sweets using this Tanba black beans and we do not use any of additives such as an artificial coloring, chemical preservation, or flavoring agent. Kyoto’s confectioneries are making all our sweets very carefully to bring out the best of Tanba black bean.

Chocolate covered black bean assortment

Special assortment of 5 different flavors.

Shirakawa mabushi assortment

Assortment of five different flavors Shirakawa mabushi that are chocolate, green tea, perilla, Sakura, and citron with Wasanbon, refined sugar.

Black bean tea

You can taste and smell the flavor and aroma of Tanba black beans from the tea. Please try it at the shop.


Name Uchiwaya
Address 363-21 Masuya-chou Shimogawara-higashiiru Koudaiji-minamimondoori Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number TEL:075-551-6668 FAX:075-551-7707
Business hour 10:00-18:00 (Open hours extended when special night visits hold at Kiyomizu temple)
Regular holiday Open 7days