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Shop Information

Japanese crafts and accessory

Crepe fabric handicrafts museum Ninen-zaka location

Cute Japanese crafts and small goods shop that makes you want to collect

Chirimen craft is a fabric crepe crafts using weaving technique established in the late Edo period and have been loved by Japanese people for a long decade.
Cute looks and the texture of fabrics will bring out your big smile.

Rolling up doll

410 yen/per (Incl tax) 3 for 1080yen (Incl tax)

Coin purse and circle mirror

3 for 1080yen (Incl tax)

Seasonable Ornament

1,620 yen/per (Incl tax)


Name Crepe fabric handicrafts museum Ninen-zaka location
Address 349-6 Masuya-chou Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number 075-533-6455
Business hour 10:00〜18:00
Regular holiday Holiday not fixed