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Shop Information

Shop Information

Hand crafted wire mesh product ( Experience scooping tofu)

Kodaiji Ichinen-zaka Kanaami-tsuji

There are many traditional crafts in Kyoto

Our artisans have been protecting traditional technique but at the same time, they are continuously challenging to create a new style to meet latest needs.

You can also try the tofu scooping at the shop.

Tofusukui, scoope for tofu, hachikaku

Handmade with very traditional technique. Can be used for a long time.

Hand-woven coffee dripper

This coffee dripper is hand woven. Installing a cone shaped wire into a copper cone makes the uneven but unique bumps and dents that allow us to make adjustments to pour coffee as we like. The bottom is also hand woven so you can safely use it on top of cups or glasses. *Serving for 1-2 people

Japanese tea strainer Copper/Stainless steel (Large)

All items are hand woven and net is designed hexagonal pattern. Copper tea strainer will change color gradually as you use it and after couple decades, the color will change into a beautiful oxidized copper color. As the stainless steel tea strainer, color will stay beautiful even after you use it for a long time. You will notice the color of the tea is very fresh and clear when you are serving tea with this tea strainer.


Name Kodaiji Ichinen-zaka Kanaami-tsuji
Address 362 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number 075-551-5500
Business hour 10:00〜18:00(Open hours extended when special night visits hold at Kiyomizu temple)
Regular holiday