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Japanese sweets and arts & crafts

Ninen-zaka Marun

Cute Japanese sweets

Traditional Japanese sweets such as Konpeito candy and Boro cookies now became cute looking sweets with Marun’s original decollation package.

If you are looking for small souvenirs for individuals, this is the place to shop!

Konpeito candy in transparent box (cat/gold fish/rabit)

Fruit flavor Konpeito candy is popular at all times.

Nishimura Boro cookie

Additive-free boro cookie that safe for baby

Candy in manmaru, circle, bottle

Candies in circle bottle that looks like a curl up cat.


Name Ninen-zaka Marun
Address Nishi-iru Ninenzaka Yasakatori Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number 075-533-2111
Business hour Week day and Sunday 9:30〜17:00 Open until 5:30pm on Saturday (May change depends on season)
Regular holiday