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Shop Information

Shippoyaki cloisonné Shippoyaki accessories and crafts


Shippoyaki traditional arts and crafts.

Our silver enamel shippoyaki has been receiving high acclaim from all over the world.

Other than shippoyaki, we offer other traditional Japanese arts and crafts too.
Our store is small but we are looking forward to assist and serve you.

Kyoto Shippoyaki brooch pins

Different colors are available such as green, pink, purple, and wine red.


Silver enameled shippo yaki on copper baser

Tea cup holder

Two colors for winter use and summer use. Picture is for summer (Picture is for summer)


Name Ninendo
Address 351 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City zip:605-0826
Phone number 075-541-4051
Business hour 9:00〜18:00
Regular holiday