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Ninenzaka Sushi Numamoto

The hideaway Sushi cuisine on Ninenzaka slope.
Please enjoy the authentic Edomae style sushi.

Fresh raw fish on Shari, rich red vinegar rice grown in Kyoto, is our Edomae style sushi.

We offer a wide variety of beverage from wine, champagne, to sake that are selected by sommelier.  

[Fresh fish]

Every dish is carefully prepared such as silver-skinned fish is prepared with rich red vinegar.


UME 1,620yen
8pcs of Nigiri, sushi roll, and soup
TAKE 2,592yen
11pcs of Nigiri, soup, and chawanmushi, steamed egg
MATSU 3,888yen
12pcs of Nigiri, sushi roll, soup, and chawanmushi, steamed egg
(Tax included)

[Tuna is directly delivered from Tsukiji]

Owner’s particular dish
Medium fatty tuna directly delivered from Tsukiji


Name Ninenzaka Sushi Numamoto
Address 349-20 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-531-6830
Business hour 12:00~15:00(LO.14:30)
Regular holiday Every Wednesday