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Ninenzaka Sushi Numamoto

The hideaway Sushi cuisine on Ninenzaka slope.
Please enjoy the authentic Edomae style sushi.

Its signature dishes are sushi rice grown in Kyoto, with a deep flavor made of red vinegar, and Edomae-sushi which is from fresh seasonal fish.

The sommelier selects wines and champagne for you, which comes in a wide range of Japanese brands recommended by SAKE DIPLOMA.

We hope you enjoy our various seasonal fish.

You should order one per one person, there are no noodles or single products. It is where you can enjoy traditional Edomae-sushi in Japan. Visit our "REAL SUSHI RESTAURANT" which features the chef's sincere services and techniques.

【Flesh Fish, TSUKIJI direct delivery, Hon Maguro (Bluefin Tuna)】

The pickled fish such as Anago are carefully prepared for serve. The good quality fish chosen by the restaurant's chef is Honmaguro and it sent directly from TSUKIJI.


・ Bara-chirashi 1,620 yen (Miso-soup & Samll dish)
・UME 2,592 yen (10pcs of Sushi & Miso-soup & Steamed Custard Egg)
・TA-KE 3,888yen (12pcs of Sushi & Miso-soup & Roll Sushi & Steamed Custard Egg)
・MATSU 4,860yen (3 Kind of Sashimi & 8pcs of Sushi & Miso-soup)
You can order a single sushi as well as a set menu.

※ NINEN-ZAKA 1,890 yen
Limited Quantity MINI CHIRASHI set
and Seasonal ice cream
(Starter, Mini chirashi, Steamed Custard Egg, Miso-soup)

・TA-KE 4,500 yen (3Kind of Sashimi & 8pcs of Sushi & Miso-soup)
・NE-NE 8,000 yen (Sashimi & Samll dish & Grilled fish & TSUKEMONO-Japaness style pickle & 7pcs of Sushi)
・KIYOMIZU 10,000 yen (Advanced reservations OMAKASE/Chef's choice)

(Including tax)


Sommelier, the chef with the SAKE diploma, recommends a drink that matches the dish. Sushi goes well with wine. Please feel free to ask us whenever you need.


Name Ninenzaka Sushi Numamoto
Address 349-20 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-531-6830
Business hour 12:00~15:00(LO.14:30)
Regular holiday Every Wednesday