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Shop Information

A long established Incense shop/ Incense

Kyoto Koju Ninenzaka

[Koju] is a long established incense shop with a 440years of history.
We create an incense culture of new Japan while succeeding to the traditional Japanese incense culture and its origin.

Koju Ninenzaka is located at Ninenzaka slope that is a center of Kyoto tourist spot with an atmosphere of ancient Kyoto.

We will bring you a new experience and discovery through the incense that is a mix of tradition and modern value.

You can choose your favorite scent with a sachet at 700yen or more.

We also offer the incense for 5 sticks each that you can choose from 14 different kinds of incense at 200 yen. Fragrant wood by weight is sold at our store as well.

We are looking forward to serving you with our great selection of incense.


5 sticks from 14 kinds of incense
200yen each (w/o tax)


Your choice of incense with a sachet
From 700yen (w/o tax)


Fragrant wood such as sandal wood and Japanese yew wood sold by weight
From 1,000yen (w/o tax)


Name Kyoto Koju Ninenzaka
Address 349-8 Masuya-chou Koudaiji Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-551-0285
Business hour 10:00~18:00
Regular holiday No regular holiday