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Kyoto traditional food/seasonal fish restaurant

Kodaiji Nen/ Gion Uohikoen

We produce a blissful time with our consideration and delicious food.

Kodaiji location Nen
Our Japanese dishes using ingredients that carefully selected by the chef everyday offers blissful time. We have ozashiki room with a view of beautiful garden.

Gion location Uohikoen
You will see a fish-tank when you walk into Uohiko that is unusual in Gion. We serve seasonal and fresh seafood Kyo kaiseki for relatively reasonable price despite Gion.

When we opened our restaurant 20years ago, people didn’t think it’s a good idea to have a fish-tank because Kyoto is surrounded by mountains and far from the ocean. But thanks to the fish tank, we can offer fresh seafood to entertain customers with fresh taste every day every time.  


Name Kodaiji Nen/ Gion Uohikoen
Address 485-9 Kiyoi-chou Yasakatoriimae-sagaru Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-533-4646
Business hour Lunch time/11:30~14:00 Dinner time/17:00~22:30
Regular holiday Open 7days (except for New Year’s holidays)