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Shop Information

Shop Information

Accessories & Japanese goods

Hanabirahitotu Ninenzaka shop

Japanese traditional accessory brand with a modern design

We have various kinds of accessories such as glass beads, traditional Tsumami crafts, and accessories made with Chirimen fabric.

Experience From

\1500 (Tax incl)
Only in 20-30min, You can make clip on/pierced earrings. How about making your own accessories for your trip memory?

Original Tsumami accessories are available from

\760 (tax incl)
Original Tumami accessories using silk or Chirimen fabric are good not only for kimono style but also for daily use.

Kanzashi accessories are available from

\1080 (tax incl)
We have more than 1000 Kanzashi accessories collection. Many of them are good for daily use so they would be perfect for souvenir.


Name Hanabirahitotu Ninenzaka shop
Address 349-24 Masuya-chou Shimogawara-higashiiru Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City
Phone number 075-533-7355
Business hour 10:00〜18:00
Regular holiday Holiday not fixed